MUNDOmedia: Global Reach, Unparalleled Expertise
and Cutting Edge Proprietary Technology.
Who We Are
MUNDOmedia is the premier global leader in online performance-based advertising, specializing in user based cost per install for mobile focused clients, cost per acquisition for desktop focused clients and pay per call.
With office locations worldwide, including Canada, USA, Europe and China, we pride ourselves on our industry leading customer service and world-class expertise in marketing our clients' brands.
MUNDOmedia connects over 30,000 publishers from around the world with more than 500 premier advertisers promoting over 2,000 custom campaigns.


What We Do
Our team of experts help to identify clients' needs and develop targeted campaign strategies in order to capitalize on optimal traffic sources. We take pride in our cutting-edge, proprietary technology that helps to deliver ROI-driven solutions, ultimately increasing brand awareness and driving performance-based user acquisitions on a global scale.


How We Do It
how we do it


Why Work With Us
Best Affiliate Networks of 2016
MUNDOmedia works with our clients to create unique, customized offers based on the clients' individual needs, while managing minimal risk solutions for our advertisers on a performance budget.
Traffic from over 150 countries and territories brings a global approach to performance-based marketing, resulting in over 20 million unique clicks per day for our clients.
Whether you're a publisher looking to join a world-leading ad network, or an advertiser looking to grow your business and increase market share, MUNDOmedia will ensure your needs are met with unsurpassed quality. Our highly-trained staff are available in real-time, around the clock, to help diversify your business and achieve the success you're looking for.



Who is MUNDOmedia?
MUNDOmedia is the world's leading online performance-based marketing company, specializing in bridging digital clients with hyper-targeted consumer acquisition solutions. We provide publisher payments based solely on qualifying acquisitions (CPA/CPL/CPI/CPS) such as leads, downloads, installs or sales. Publishers receive commissions when the acquisitions are generated from the advertisements they are promoting.

Who is a Publisher or Affiliate?
A publisher or affiliate is a website/application owner, search engine marketer, media buyer or email list owner who promotes an advertiser's products or services and earns a commission for qualifying acquisitions.

Who is an Advertiser?
An advertiser is an individual or company providing goods or services, also known as a merchant. The advertiser pays publishers for generating desired acquisitions (products purchased, downloads made, applications, installed, etc.).

How does MUNDOmedia connect Publishers and Advertisers?
MUNDOmedia's core interest is providing our advertisers with real-time access to a massive performance-based network of 30,000 exclusive publishers worldwide. We manage the relationship between advertisers and the publishers, relying on our proprietary technology and unparalleled customer service & industry expertise to help coordinate all tracking and billing.


Does MUNDOmedia accept International Publishers?
Absolutely! MUNDOmedia is currently accepting publisher applications from around the globe. With regional offices located in North America, Europe and the Asian Pacific, we offer around-the-clock account management and unparalleled customer service support to our international publishers.

Will my publisher application be approved if I don't have a website?
Yes, if you can provide an acceptable means of promoting our advertiser's products and services during the application process, you will still be considered.

What are the reasons why MUNDOmedia may reject my publisher application?
The main reasons for which we reject publisher applications are:

What is the fastest way for your publisher application to be approved by MUNDOmedia?
MUNDOmedia is committed to working with only the very best quality publishers. We will have a publisher application manager contact you within 72 hours of completing your application.

In order for us to quickly and correctly process your publisher application, it is critical that:

You can also check your application status through the Publisher tab on our website or contact our publisher support team to speed up the approval process.

What promotion methods are allowed on my campaigns?
Each campaign that you begin promoting will clearly state which promotional methods are allowed along with a list of campaign restrictions. If you have any questions regarding the specificities of the allowed promotional methods and restrictions of the campaign that you are promoting, please contact your Affiliate Manager for more clarification.


How often will I get paid?
MUNDOmedia pays publishers on the following schedules: Monthly Net-15 (standard), Bi-Weekly Net-15 or Weekly Net-3. Our network operates on Eastern Standard Time (EST).

How can I get paid on a Bi-Weekly or Weekly basis?
Publishers must generate a minimum of $1,000.00 per week to opt-in for Weekly Net-3 payments. Payments on this schedule will be sent each Wednesday and will cover commissions generated during the previous week (Monday - Sunday).

Publishers that generate a minimum of $750.00 per week ($1,500.00 in a two-week period) may opt-in for Bi-Weekly Net-15 payments. Your payment will arrive fifteen business days following the two week period that your commissions were generated.

What are MUNDOmedia's payment methods?
We offer payments by wire transfer, cheque or ACH.

Can I get paid for clicks and/or impressions?
MUNDOmedia is a performance-based network, only paying publishers for qualified acquisitions (CPA, CPL, CPI, CPS) generated as a result of their promotion. Therefore, we do not pay publishers for clicks and/or impressions.