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User Acquisition Services


Mundo will leverage proprietary channels to get the word out presented by your ICO.

Using display advertising, landing pages, video content and social influencers your message will be micro-targeted with cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors the world over.

Mundo will leverage its unique data-set to deliver these proven tactics to get you real results – real fast. The result is lower marketing costs, lower cost per new investor acquired, and the highest possible ROI, ensuring a successful ICO.

How We Do It


Premium Site Placements

Exclusive partnerships with premium Crypto portals/exchanges such as Coinsquare and Globalive to provide you with qualified Investors/Token Buyers.

Search Strategy

Experienced team in place that will target and acquire qualified Investors/Token Buyers.


We target relevant content to show ads to the right viewers.

Native Ads

Run compelling ads to connect you with your target audience and acquire them as a customer.

Internal media buying/ Acquisition team

To promote awareness and deliver new customers through our performance-based Publishers.

ICO updates

Keep your community informed and up to date on investment stages of your ICO.

Case Study


MUNDO provides full service user acquisition & Marketing for one of Canada's Largest Crypto Exchange.

MUNDO has brought a new level of knowledge to User Acquisition in the Blockchain/ Digital currency market. They were instrumental in our exponential growth and assisted us in hitting our milestones which supported the extremely successful funding event. CEO - Cole Diamond


Help Coinsquare acquire new users in the ever competitive high growth cryptocurrency market.


Directed over 200,000 users to Coinsquare which resulted in over 20,000 new customers through social, ppc and display marketing


Increased ad-spend by over 200% while lowering acquisition costs by 20% aiding in Coinsquare's rise to one of the largest crypto exchanges in Canada.

Digital Experience



We can manage your proprietary community to keep users informed and excited about the progress of your product and investment stages through social media.


Our experienced creative team understands the importance of functional design and tone to help deliver the right message. We assist with refining your content and honing the creative for clarity.


Once you have acquired a user, retention is key. We can provide your ICO with email marketing campaigns, direct marketing material and many other ways to communicate with your users to keep them up to date and engaged.



ICOs face serious requirements with Anti-money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations. These rules are put in place to protect consumers and businesses alike.

Our expert legal team has extensive experience in international money regulations and can take the guesswork out of your compliance process. Every country has different ICO regulations. Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Singapore are all currently favorable compared to such jurisdictions as China, South Korea, and Russia.

Due to the ever changing landscape, we analyze the ICO regulations in the jurisdictions on a case by case basis and discuss any developments with our network to ensure future risk is also mitigated.

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