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Why Choose Us
MUNDOmedia is your gateway to world's biggest advertisers and exclusive offers. Regardless of your traffic specialty - whether it be Mobile, Display, Search, Social or Email - we provide publishers with everything that is needed to maximize ROI and take your business to the next level. MUNDOmedia is committed to offering all of our publishers the following benefits:
Direct relationships with nearly 2,000 advertisers worldwide, spanning across a wide variety of vertical channels including Mobile Apps, Games, Downloads, Entertainment, Healthcare, Finance or Gambling
An industry-leading Affiliate Management team, who provide around-the-clock account management and unparalleled industry expertise to ensure that you are maximizing your ROI
Cutting edge proprietary technology, allowing you to gain insights from real-time reports and tracking across both web and mobile platforms
A custom designed user interface which boasts easy navigation, advanced campaign keyword searching capabilities, granular statistic reporting in multiple formats, the ability to add multiple regular and server-to-server pixels and an informative Affiliate Resources section
Access to our creative team, who can help design and optimize exclusive landing page and banner creatives to help you increase your campaign profitability
An exceptional Loyalty Program, offering publishers the ability to convert their MUNDOmedia revenue into loyalty points that can be redeemed for an assortment of prizes
Worldwide offices including, Canada, USA, China and Europe
For more information on the MUNDOmedia Loyalty Program please Click Here

The industry's top annual Meet-Up (destinations include Barcelona, Hvar and Ibiza), which is meant to grow your business through high-level networking, learning and social activities. For more information on Mundo Meet-Ups please click here

User Acquisition
Performance-Based Marketing
Performance-Based marketing is a form of advertising in which the advertiser only pays once qualifying acquisitions have taken place. A broad spectrum of acquisition types are covered under the umbrella term Cost-per-Acquisition (CPA) - including Cost-per-Lead (CPL), Cost-per-Install (CPI) and Cost-per-Sale (CPS). When compared with more traditional forms of marketing, it is easy to see why a Performance-Based approach is becoming more common amongst both digital and traditional clients. By only paying for desired and measurable results, advertisers are able to maximize their digital advertising spends with ROI-driven solutions.

Pay per Call Marketing
Many of our clients have recently turned to MUNDOmedia's knowledge and expertise in Pay per Call marketing as a means of maximizing ROI on their digital advertising spend. While most estimates suggest that there are over 6.7 billion global mobile subscribers, the most telling statistic is that nearly one third of these subscribers (over 2 billion subscribers) have access to a smartphone. MUNDOmedia will help you tap into this massive market of smartphone subscribers who are being served hundreds of advertisements daily through a variety of traffic types (including Search and Mobile Display). Pay per Call marketing will allow you to bridge the gap between consumers and the products or services that your company provides, relying on a simple click-to-call functionality to boost your business and initiate sales.

Whether you're a family-owned or publicly owned business, Pay per Call marketing allows you to connect with prospective consumers both local and national in areas of business such as Home, Professional and Travel services. MUNDOmedia advertisers will receive the knowledge and experience needed to navigate the Pay per Call landscape, benefiting from high volumes of quality calls that are targeted to your unique business needs. Access our exclusive network of 30,000 publishers worldwide today to begin receiving qualified calls that will help you scale and grow your business effectively while maximizing your digital advertising spend.

Publisher Benefits
Loyalty Program
MUNDOmedia offers an exceptional Loyalty Program, providing publishers worldwide with the ability to convert their commission revenue into loyalty points that can be redeemed for an assortment of prizes. Whether you’re interested in redeeming points for the hottest electronics, tropical vacation packages or gifts for family and friends, MUNDOmedia is happy to reward you for your loyalty to a committed partnership.
Mundo Meet-Ups
Each year, MUNDOmedia is proud to host the industry's top publisher meet-up for 25 of our closest partners. We have designed this event to help grow business through new partnerships and collaborations. You will be offered the opportunity to talk business and think big with some of the biggest publishers in the performance-based marketing space, as well as industry reps from top traffic sources & tracking platforms and the MUNDOmedia Affiliate Management team. Past MUNDO Meet-Ups have included Barcelona (2013) and Hvar (2014) to much fanfare amongst the industry. This year, set against the backdrop of one of the wildest and most picturesque islands in the world, MUNDOmedia invited top affiliates to join us in Ibiza during the peak of its holiday clubbing season for three incredible days of high-level networking, learning and social activities. This MUNDO Meet-Up allowed the biggest affiliates in the industry to connect while taking in the sunshine and world class clubs & DJs that have made Ibiza one of the best places in the world to party.